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MartinApp is a marketplace for insights on money matters. Writers post their insights, readers consume them and benefit from the wisdom of the writers. Everyone is a reader and a writer. We believe, everyone has insights, that can be useful to others. Some large, some small - nevertheless beneficial to the community at large. MartinApp is a place to share your insights, so that everyone benefits collectively. And you will get paid for your posts. Its a simple model where readers consume some content for free, and pay for premium content; writers get paid for their posts. A writer can post nearly anything as long as it is truthful, insightful and is related to money matters and financial well being. Relevant areas include work, career, pay, investments, decision making, advice, tips, hacks, optimizations, pitfalls and more. Some examples of posts on MartinApp are:
  • Salary report for a position and a copy of anonymized pay stub
  • Review of a car purchase experience and a copy of the bill of sale
  • Posting for a temporary job
  • An anonymized investment account statement
  • A tax planning tip
  • A utility optimization hack, with before and after utility bills
  • A great news story by a journalist
  • A story of a personal financial mistake that others can avoid with the knowhow
  • Any little insight that a writer thinks might help someone, based on one's own experience
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Searchopoly is a what you get when you combine a search engine like Google with a game like Monopoly. In monopoly you collect rents when people land on your properties. In Searchopoly, you collect rents when people click on your keywords. It provides search results just as other search tools like Google, Bing or DuckduckGo, but adds a new fun twist. Start using this new search tool and buy up the keywords before others do. Coming soon, so start making your strategies! https://bentonlabs.com/searchopoly.html